Foxconn Exec Reinforces Commitment to Wisconsin at APICS Milwaukee Event

Is your business a potential supplier for Foxconn? Are you looking for ways to keep up with the latest trends in supply chain management?

Last week, Dr. Mitchell, chief executive officer of Foxconn subsidiary Aguila, attended our monthly professional development meeting to share an update on the Foxconn developments in Wisconsin. During the discussion, Dr. Mitchell reinforced that his company remains very committed to our state, despite some changes to original plans. He reminded the group that what Foxconn is planning has never been done anywhere in terms of the speed, scale, and scope so they don’t have a model to follow.

Dr. Mitchell was also a keynote speaker later in the week for the Manufacturing Matters! Conference ran by the WMEP. During his presentation, he reinforced the message that we are in an era of rapidly advancing technology and manufacturers will increasingly need to be flexible and collaborative to be successful.

Similar to the supplier readiness workshops this past Fall, Dr. Mitchell reiterated that they are not building a supply chain but rather, “curating an ecosystem.” He shared the steps below that Wisconsin companies should do now to prepare to be a part of the Foxconn ecosystem.

  1. Have a plan to make sure your business is ready to compete and able to scale up quickly by maximizing efficiencies, improving supply chain management, ensuring worker productivity, addressing skill gaps and embracing new technologies such as 3-D printing.
  2. Have a system to capture customer-derived loyalty and quality data scores as these will be key considerations in Foxconn’s supplier readiness scorecard.
  3. Visit the Wisconsin Supply Chain Workplace website and register your business. By creating a supplier profile, you will receive timely communication when Foxconn and other companies are posting RFPs to source suppliers for specific projects.
  4. Reach out now to Pendio Group, the third party company who is managing their vendor list. Todd McLees at Pendio Group is the contact available to assist companies to qualify as Foxconn suppliers.

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