A little fart lore about the “krouha

When “krouha” oversized tampons buzzing around and the mayor complaining about a “nice fart” it’s “buttenabend” in mitwitz, and we’re looking forward to it. On rosenmontag sounded again a loud: “mimetz za za” through the old gymnasium and the “nesthocker” did what they had come for: they squatted.

Once again it was colorful at the buttenabend. With a few lapses, but endearing and cordial. The program moderated “oberkrouha” sabine sander and mayor hans-peter laschka.

And he had his very own appearance with several “krouha” at the same time in his bed. As “funferlei the musicians (maximilian and christopher knauer, raimund oetter and sebastian and hans-peter laschka) came and sang to the melody of “vogelbeerbaum their very own stanzas: “the nicest market is the mitwitz market”, “the upper lock is not a curtain lock”, “if there”s water in the castle it”s a water castle”, or “the laziest master is the burgermeister”.”

As an encore they brought out the song of the fart, which describes in vivid words the pleasure of the same: "there are the short and the long, the loud and the quiet and those with material. We fart like everywhere else."

Similarly vivid was the musical contribution of andrea gregor-nowak, who sang a "song about menstruation" trallerte, because "songs about love exist already." and even if it turns out like "red ragout she was proud of the "sign of her fertility", because she felt embarrassed again and again by an overflowing tampon."

Afterwards, she informed the audience about the upcoming "menstruation conference panta rhei (translated: in unstoppable motion) – alles fliebt"." in room 34, for example, t-shirts are designed using the tampon printing method, or in room 35 the music circle takes place with "songs in a monthly cycle" instead of.

Anyone who had attended one of the kronach "butten evenings" already knew him, the "annoyed and totally dissatisfied teenager"." anna jakob had strapped on her backpack again and had come to mitwitz. Here she explained how she plans to work on her personal work-life-balance: "in the morning head on the school bench, in the afternoon fube on the home table." her "na prost, mahlzeit und danke auch" (cheers and thanks too) also came at the "krouha-butter evening totally well received.

Why "a vouchlscheuch" in mimetz "krautspubel" heibt, gerda hannweber didn’t really uncover this secret, but that didn’t detract from her role as a woodworker. The number "two woodworker did not rely on many words, but rather on facial expressions and gestures. So she hardly had to open her mouth to let out gales of laughter.

"Love to eieliko as go kan eisprung." the performance of iris busch and kirsten kolb, who were known as "the sisters", also revolved around intimacy moved into the hall. They conjured up diet schnapps and told about the latest embarrassment: glitter instead of intimate spray at the gynecologist’s office. Her contribution was also about "frecha hairstyles down below" and around "a blond runway as a flight path for the searching man."

Thea hammerlein and barbel rottmann came as living flowers and titled themselves "the two total florals. Their problem: they were looking for a present for "eddi" edmund stoiber on his birthday. It should not rust and cost nothing, just something with flowers. "One is too big, the other is too small, and the next one won’t fit in the mini."

Side blow

The final speaker was the great one who "looks the mimetzers in the mouth". Tobias gentzsch was happy about the first "wellness loo in miwitz and clarified about the very own era. And with a view to ingo cesaro: "the scarecrow belongs to the endangered species."

The "rhenish guard" danced (dance4 fun) under the direction of bettina witter, who also had the ranzengarde under her thumb.

The "ollmaledich under the direction of sabine muller, showed how good you can look in pantyhose.

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