UW - Milwaukee: Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business


Supply Chain Management Association Goal: 

To provide a solid foundation for Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business students beyond the classroom by encouraging professional development and increasing exposure to Supply Chain and Operations Management and Management Information Systems industries.

As a student business organization, we strive to provide the most valuable experiences and opportunities for students seeking the SCOM and ITM majors. Through our offered guest speakers, industry visits, social and professional development events, and volunteering, you will gain a vast knowledge of information outside of the classroom which will assist you in becoming a business professional. Job opportunities are continuously shared with students throughout the year, which is a huge advantage for our members.

Current Association Officers:

  • President/Treasurer – Katherine Walker
  • VP of Relations – Noah Wolfgram
  • VP of Supply Chain – Evan Waltz
  • VP of IT – Rachel Wierzbinski
  • VP of Events – Rachael Samalis