Professional Development Meetings (PDM)

Professional Development Meetings are typically held monthly.  Local, regional and national speakers are featured presenting assorted topics of interest to today's supply chain professionals.  PDM typically include a meal, networking and speaker.  Often PDMs include company tour.  Attendance provides 1 CE point towards recertification.

All PDM's require pre-registration. 

Upcoming PDM's 

Introduction to a Circular Economy

A circular economy is regenerative by design and aims to gradually decouple growth from the consumption of finite resources.
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The Major Innovations of Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning - How to Bring ORDER our of CHAOS!

If we can calm the chaos just a bit, we can take a moment to understand why we have inventory shortages, why better forecasts aren’t the answer and why the choices we make don’t seem to make the problem go away.
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Lean Culture - The Role of a Lean Leader

A leader must create an environment where teams are empowered to work autonomously while improving their process daily. The Lean leader is more of a teacher than a manager, and engagement is key.
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