APICS Student Chapters – Supply Chain Next Generation

Are you looking for graduates specializing in supply chain with practical experience? Did you know that APICS Milwaukee supports student chapters at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater?

At APICS Milwaukee, everything we do centers on inspiring and growing Supply Chain Professionals in the Milwaukee area – at all levels of their careers. We are on a mission to help both professionals and students.

In our efforts to spark students' interest in supply chain methodologies and help them be prepared with practical experience, last month we sponsored a meet and greet with the UWM APICS Student chapter.  Over pizza the group got to hear updates from the student chapter as well as happenings at APICS Milwaukee. There was also an opportunity for networking and resume review.

Per Gartner research, the need for supply chain talent is increasing. The good news is that the number of school supply chain programs are increasing and more students are enrolling. From 2014-2016, full time student enrollment in the top 25 supply chain programs rose 43%, from 8,500 to 12,200. Per Gartner, more than 150 schools in the U.S. offer associates or bachelor’s degrees in supply chain management, with more offering certificates and graduate degrees.

We are fortunate in Wisconsin to have many schools including UW-Milwaukee, UW-Whitewater, UW-Madison and Marquette all offering robust supply chain programs.

Per Supplychaindive, grooming talent for future supply chain work involves more than just recruiting college students into the major, though. It means raising awareness at a young age, reaching out to women and people of color, teaching the right mix of classes and skills, and getting the students appropriate job experience during college. More than in most other college majors, the relationship between employers and college programs helps set the agenda.

To help support getting students interested in supply chain roles before college, the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) started a K-12 STEM program, which introduces supply chain concepts in K-12. Abe Eshkenazi, the ASCM CEO, says the program is a long-term investment that will pay off when more individuals enter college supply chain programs and specifically seek these jobs.

Another way ASCM is helping support supply chain students is by offering a team-based case competition, with an end-to-end supply chain problem solved by university student teams for prize money.

APICS Milwaukee is an authorized channel partner of the ASCM Network. We are a non-profit association with a mission to serve Supply Chain professionals at all stages of their careers in the Milwaukee area. We are proud to support our two student chapters and look forward to future events to help them gain the practical experience they will need to help our community overall.

For additional information on our student chapters or how you can join our association, contact us via our website at: or via email at: